Botox & Fillers

8 Hour Certification

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Basic Botox & Fillers

In this class you’ll learn the art and science of how to properly and safely administer botox and fillers to specific areas of the face. You’ll receive hands on experience along with careful instruction to build a usable set of skills and techniques!

Required Materials
Milady’s Aesthetician Series for Injectables


Advanced Botox & Fillers

Additional 8 Hour Certification

This class builds on the techniques and skills you learned in the first eight hour certification course. You’ll get hands on instruction on how to administer botox and fillers using more advanced technique for different areas of the face.


Required Materials
Milady’s Aesthetician Series for Injectables

What certifications are required to work with fillers?

Complete a Cosmetology or Aesthetician Program

Earn Medical Licensure

Get Certified in Botox and Fillers!

Gather Experience and Certifications

I'm not a nurse, so how can I become a cosmetic injector?

Enroll in a Medical Aesthetics Training Program:

This program will equip you with the knowledge and abilities necessary to begin treating clients. Even if you work under the supervision of a doctor, having a certification in cosmetic injections will help you stand out among the other injectors looking for work.