Licensed Ethetician

600 Hour Certification

Licensed Esthetician

Esthetics training involves 210 hrs of sanitation, 210 hrs of theory, 90 hrs of hair removal, 30 hrs makeup, 30 hrs business and 30 hrs laws, rules and regulations. 


Required Materials
Milady Esthetics Standard Fundamentals Textbook
Milady Esthetics Standard Fundamentals Workbook

How Much Does An Esthetician Make?

The average Esthetician in the US makes $81,827. Colorado on average $58,480.  These are estimates of income.

How to Make the Most of Your Esthetician Income:
Continue your education as an esthetician.
Sell retail items.
Purchase supplies in a cost-effective manner.
During the booking process, you can upsell services.
Make sure you’re not undercharging for your services.
Popular time slots will cost you more.


Pros And Cons Of Being A Esthetician?

If you’ve ever wanted to work as an esthetician, you know how important it is to help people feel good about their skin. This popular career choice has changed tremendously over the years, and you are likely to enjoy what the area has to offer. However, as with every occupation, there are positive and negative characteristics.

Advantages of Working as an Esthetician

Because you are making people feel and look nice, it can be a very emotionally fulfilling occupation.
You will never get bored with a mundane work because everyone’s skin is different.
Because skin care technology is constantly evolving, you can continue to learn throughout your career by attending classes, reading books, attending trade shows, listening to podcasts, visiting websites, and reading blogs.
Salons, spas, doctor’s offices, department stores, and even a cruise line’s spa are all possible places to work.
You may become an entrepreneur and establish your own business using your skin care knowledge.
You can have a very flexible schedule as an esthetician, so you can manage your family or personal life with your work.

The Drawbacks of Being an Esthetician

Many people may think about the disadvantages of working as an esthetician. However, we understand that some people may see these as obstacles to overcome, and even as advantages!

Having a large number of skin care establishments can boost your competition and drive away potential customers.
A downturn in the economy can have a significant impact on people’s willingness to spend money they don’t have on personal indulgences.
It’s possible that you’ll have to bring in your own customers. If you’re new to the field and don’t have a stable consumer base, this can be difficult.
You must always keep a smile on your face, no matter how difficult or irritating your day is. This can be difficult to do while you are going through a difficult moment in your life.

How do I get my esthetician license in Colorado?
How do I get my esthetician license in Colorado?
  1. Complete an esthetics training program from a licensed esthetic or cosmetology school .
  2. Complete and pass both written and practical examinations for esthetician licensure.